EUSR is designed to support industry employers and add value to the sector.

The National Skills Academy for Power works closely with Energy & Utility Skills (EU Skills), the Sector Skills Council for the Power industry which operates an independent skills platform, referred to as EUSR, which provides recognised standards for the utility sector.

Individuals who qualify for registration with EUSR are issued with a card and appear on the EUSR website, EUSR is beneficial to both employers and individuals as they move between companies or between industries. Employers have a robust way of verifying the abilities of their workers while individuals have a recognised method of demonstrating their abilities to employers.

The Skills Academy has a critical role in delivering the training and development needs of the power sector. Through collaboration with leading employers, the Skills Academy aims to develop the quality and consistency of training and deliver a sustainable and flexible talent pool. Skills Academy members include Balfour Beatty, E.ON (UK), National Grid and Scottish Power.

EUSR developed and implemented processes and procedures which were comprehensively assessed against best practice criteria by Lloyd’s Register EMEA in March 2011.

The assessment covered the maintenance and development of quality processes and systems which now underpin all EUSR activities.

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