Working with E.ON to employ and train 500 new meter technicians

01 November 2016

E.ON has announced it is to recruit and train up to 500 new meter technicians during 2017 and will work collaboratively with the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) to fill a number of these roles.

E.ON, working with the DWP and the Energy & Utility Skills Talent Source Network, will use the Smart Sector Based Work Academy to recruit up to 50 of the 500 starters. This programme will deliver a recruitment, assessment and training process that will engage with potential candidates through Job Centres across the country.

The Smart Sector Based Work Academy will provide selected candidates with a five day work-ready training programme. The first half of the programme will include an introduction to E.ON and smart metering, health and safety training, as well as equipping candidates with customer service, assessment and interview preparation skills. The second half will focus on candidate assessment, with feedback and outcomes communicated the following week.

The first 15 candidates have been selected from Job Centres in Hatfield, Hemel Hempstead, Luton, St Albans and Watford, and have commenced their training and assessment at the St Albans Job Centre in Hertfordshire this week. E.ON and the DWP aim to roll this recruitment and training Academy to other areas across the country.

As well as the Smart Sector Based Work Academy, E.ON will be advertising and recruiting for the majority of these roles through various channels, including internally, and will be targeting candidates from a range of backgrounds and with differing work experiences.

Successful candidates will start their full-time employment with E.ON from January 2017 and will be provided with both on and off the job training, before commencing their role installing smart meters in homes and businesses across the country once fully qualified.

Employment Minister Damian Hinds said: “Even with record employment there is still more we can do to help people find work which is why we are working with companies like E.ON to create training opportunities for young jobseekers.

“Our sector-based work academies are a ‘win-win’ for all involved — employers get the staff they need, and jobseekers receive quality training and a guaranteed interview.”

E.ON’s Chief Executive Tony Cocker said: “The utilities sector needs to continue to attract, employ and train new talent to tackle workforce renewal and skills challenges, and this programme is a positive example of the energy industry and government working together to support this goal.

“Importantly, through this programme, we can attract and recruit candidates that are often considered furthest from the job market and tap into the pool of talent that we may not have engaged with previously. By attracting and upskilling these candidates, we will have the talented workforce necessary to help rollout our smart meter programme, improving the services we offer to our customers.”

Tony, who is also Chair of the Industrial Partnership for the energy and utilities sector, continued: “Currently we employ around 10,000 people in the UK and, as a business, we’re proud that we can continue to support the UK economy by creating real job opportunities for all, as well as supporting a sector-wide workforce strategy and skills agenda.” 

E.ON will also be working with Talent Source Network, which is part of the Energy & Utility Skills Group, to help facilitate engagement and recruitment of individuals keen to work in the energy sector.

Nick Ellins, Chief Executive of Energy & Utility Skills, said: “The Smart Metering programme is currently the biggest single infrastructure project in the UK, and we are committed to work together as a sector to recruit and train the right numbers of people to deliver these new roles to a very high standard. I congratulate E.ON on their innovative achievements in this partnership, and am delighted that they are working with us, the Department for Work and Pensions and other major employers in the sector, to use the successful and ever-growing Talent Source Network to attract new talent into our sector and help those with ambition to retrain and learn new skills.”

These new jobs are in addition to the 250 smart meter technician and 400 customer service roles announced by E.ON earlier this year. For further information regarding E.ON’s smart meter recruitment, please visit