What Our Members Say

The support and guidance given by our member companies has been invaluable. The endorsements below demonstrate why these influential companies have come together under the guidance of the National Skills Academy for Power to address the growing skills challenge in the UK Power Sector.

“National Grid is looking forward to a long period of sustained investment in new infrastructure to support low-carbon energy. Combine this with a need to replace many current assets and indeed people as they reach the end of their working lives, and we get real growth in demand for skilled people. We see the Skills Academy as an opportunity to collaborate with sector colleagues to deliver better training more efficiently and we will be working hard with them to achieve this.”
Richard Earp, Education & Skills Manager, National Grid

“Scottish Power decided to support and promote the work of the Skills Academy, because collectively we have a responsibility to safeguard the conveyor-belt of talent into our sector and encourage the development of the skills and knowledge that help serve our customers. Our industry is an exciting and dynamic place to work and offers long-term career opportunities for large numbers of people. We need to promote the myriad of professions and occupations available within our sector and attract the best talent into our businesses. The National Skills Academy for Power is an excellent vehicle to help highlight our needs and realise this objective.”
Doug Wilson, UK Health & Safety Director of Scottish Power

“G4S Utility Services (UK) Limited is supporting the Skills Academy through its presence on the Board and its participation in the Metering working groups in order to influence the strategic direction of the industry. As a national provider of Smart Metering services we understand that the industry is facing many challenges and this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to shape the future. In particular, the opportunity to participate in a collaborative approach with industry employers to address the Smart Metering skills agenda and develop a national approach to standards of competence and training provision is the driving force behind our involvement. We believe in the benefits of Apprenticeships and are excited at the prospect of designing and delivering a dual fuel Meter Worker Apprenticeship programme and reaping the benefits across the industry of this investment in workplace experience and training.”
Greg Austin, HR Director, G4S Utility Services

Our Members are realising the benefits of their Membership. If you haven’t already, please contact us to discuss a Membership package to suit your organisation’s needs on 0845 01 323 01 or email us at membership@euskills.co.uk.